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4.4 billion years ago Earth puzzle

Seleaninews Discovery Channel: How baby Earth managed to keep hold of its organic matter after the clubbing it took by a Mars-sized object roughly 4.4 billion years ago has long puzzled scientists.

The throttling was so severe scientists believe Earth melted. Splatters that ended up in space eventually came together to form the moon. Lightweight materials, like water and carbon, would have vaporized. How then did the building blocks for life manage to survive? Read the rest of this entry


Mobility Converged Networks

Seleaninews: WestconME Converged Networks Roadshow – Agenda. Radisson Blu, Kuwait – Monday, 18th April 2011 – Mobility Converged Networks on a RoadShow seminar

Extreme Converged Networks

Seleaninews: WestconME Converged Networks Roadshow – Agenda. Radisson Blu, Kuwait – Monday, 18th April 2011 – Extreme Converged Networks on the roadShow seminar

Special Days in Holy Week of Christianity

Seleaninews: Today same as all other events, Christians are starting their Holy Week, commemorating events in the last days of Jesus’ life on Earth. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Monday in 2011. today is called palm day that starts the Holy Week and here the Special Days in this Holy Week for Christianity:
Palm Sunday The Sunday before Easter is known as Palm Sunday. It celebrates Jesus’ triumphal arrival in Jerusalem for the Jewish festival of Passover. Holy Thursday Stained glass window(Maundy Thursday),Last Supper and the betrayal by Judas. During the meal Jesus took bread and wine and shared them with his disciples. Read the rest of this entry

Egypt with the After Mubarak

What was happened to Saddam Hussein is the dominos game to all dictators in the Middle East where now, things are sure to be unstable than before. Libya is deeply collapsing into a dangerous war. Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Syria are be part of the battle. The really matter as you can read and hear from the video in our article is the scary scenario may happen in Egypt; Israel will bring back Sinai if the Brotherhood takes Egypt leadership or Egyptians will kill each other as now unrespectable are putting investigation with their 82 years old man Former Mubarak ?

One of the many and big Middle East events the Obama administration is keeping an eye on: the criminal investigation of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his family members, sons and may be his wife who are detained under investigation.

Mubarak, who lost support within the Obama administration during the Egyptian uprising this year, is under detention, pending the results of an Egyptian prosecutor’s probe of corruption charges. Mubarak denies the allegations.

There is some concern over how a trial of Mubarak would affect the pace of democratic developments in Egypt, including elections later this year.

The deposing of Mubarak made some U.S. allies in the Middle East nervous, particularly Saudi Arabia.

That explains why two prominent officials have visited Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. The latter brought with him a letter from President Obama to King Abdullah.

In his first public comments since leaving office, Mubarak told Al Arabiya television, “I cannot remain silent in the face of the continual campaigns of defamation and false accusations that aim at ruining the reputation and integrity of my family and me.”

He said, “I will stick to all my legal rights to have action against everyone who tried to mess with the reputation of me and my family whether inside or outside the country.” Better to be seen than to known Mubarak, Saddam, Kaddafi Saddam told you but you didn’t learn nor learn from history….

The Expert “Political Telecom”

Seleaninews continues questioning end user of how effective mobile impacts on daily life. During the survey user responded; incoming call, outgoing call, missing call, sending SMS, receiving SMS, sending MMS and receiving MMS…Reason what we got into roaming mobility for Business leader same as normal individuals who are developing ways to stay in touch with what is closer to their lives wherever they are. For this continuous agenda of Seleaninews to focus on practical experience and this time we will put readers into facts and technical of making effective choices. Videos will be available for clear understanding of today merged technologies.

Internet offers the best return value to the normal users same as Business users are taking advantages of merged technologies to positioning themselves around the world regardless their physical presence. Social media change our way of communicating; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, live messenger, yahoo, Skype ect..keep digging several features to community and group sharing data and news. The cost of these free services is not directly seen by the end user who believes to just pay his internet connection fee.

In one hand Business people are spending a lot in staying in touch abroad beside the cost of their hotel hospitality, mobile roaming calls are costly to everyone. Mobile operator set their worldwide policy that prepaid user can roam easily to all over the world and stay connected, because operators are looking for users who are spending more and more. In difference of postpaid users, they require to request their operator customer service to enable the roaming service before leaving their residence country and to add the roaming call as a service to their monthly bill.

In the other hand, we all pay same cost that in term of ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). So why don’t we build a global mobile standard same as it was done on the TCP/IP for the Internet. Even today internet connection cost differs from country to another, voice call are very costly than any media communication channel in term of usability. The answer of this question is more eco-politic than technical.

Operators realized losing calls’ revenue on Internet VoIP companies benefit, regulators, authorities are out of control and this the reason operator are putting their noses in everywhere to have multiple alternatives of making more money by clear risk of becoming just like Internet service providers. They then become competitors to Value Added Services and start building their own service delivery platform. They forget that VAS companies have already proven experience and operators will end-up with high consuming risk of wasting time and effort.

Over the million of apps in Apple AppStore, galaxy Samsung application, Nokia Catalog Portal, all free content and applications, the world will be a show of driven competition that from cable to satellite coverage that put telecom and IT leaders to think more how to secure users for this mixing up between giants and merging telecom solution providers. Technically it is under research with real experience:

  1. Femtocel technology can carry an operator signal from country to another with a broadband connection
  2. 3 satellites geostationary can cover the whole glob
  3. Long Term Evolution can reach 100 MB and LTE-A advance can give up-to 1 GB data transfer.

Even above solutions have their limitations that we will discuss on our upcoming videos, the reason such researches are not getting full investment, the current fact is the Quick money that every telecom leader look for roaming agreement instead of Global telecom research. Our Duty in ”Expert” practical publishing is to explore the reality that today marketing campaigns are blindly putting normal users into an increase of consuming element to technology industry instead of pulling down expenses of our daily lifestyle.