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Wrong belief in history of time

In my recent technology research that just started into the direction of multiple possibilities in life, gave me more to ask ourselves why human race re-shape the nature of what other believe. To pass through the perspective of today modern life, I am amazed with Stephen Hawking new 2010 book “the Grand Design” where deliberately rejection or needful of God. If we follow same root back on time, .. Read the rest of this entry



When it comes to plan for a decade-plant trees, it is for life-train and educate generation where Children are the basic hope for the future, the builders of tomorrow for how often have these words been quoted and re-quoted. And one cannot deny that in modern times efforts have also been made to bring up children in the proper way and to give them the right education, but the most important of all things is that do we know what is a child? Read the rest of this entry

Harvest festival in Q8

The Kuwait National Evangelical Church in Kuwait where all Christian Protestant come together to celebrate the goodness and mercy of God. As there is no birth without travail, Seleaninews pointed the continuous exploration into the American church in Kuwait..
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Wait and Watch-Kuwait Education

Kuwait educational system from our guest Ms Leana on the innovation teaching English school for today connected children.

In some analysis around middle East, kuwait children are accessing the internet in the early ages. so innovating the educational system is one of the main heart of improving the future generation of today teaching. Read the rest of this entry