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Expansion Gravity

From the Experts: if today knowledge of dark energy in the Universe doesn’t really succeed to overcome of the strange mystery of space observation, what are the options that leave scientist speculate the end of the expansion against the gravity.

Both hypothesizes bring us to question ourselves why the expansion is wining against the gravity which is growing with Dark matter increase?

Till today all astrophysics sounds lost and unable to answer this question? Stephen hawking who challenge to explain mystery poses some pillars on general understanding of time and black holes. Stephen succeeds to extrapolate that the black holes are not totally absorbing a rounding energy and radiations, but what goes in, not come out…

We arrived in the conclusion that whether the expansion will win against the gravity, then the whole universe will collapse same as supernova and the universe will disappear, matter and anti matter will be free, or the actual expansion will reach a maximal point that the gravity will compress the whole Universe and this will make the universe become a single point very infinite dense as it was before the Big bung.

Mankind is just witnessing part of what happened earlier years, but other theorists speculate that this expansion is leaded by outside energy which doesn’t strongly exist in our current Universe….