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Technology drives the future

How aware we are, in today Technologies’ change… how efficience this will last…..


Michael Jakson death

Michael Jakson die in Mistery, but reveal the readiness of everybody at any time that things can happen…

Let us awaken to carry our contribution to..

Since more than about twenty year, Comoros is always in the ranks of the least advanced while without their not making a mistake, Comoros deserves better than this. Is it the error of the population? Is it need it of leaders that they had as representatives? Or the guilty rest always not identified as an UFO?

Of my opinion, I shall say that we all, we have each of us a part of responsibility, but I add that this part differs according to the social classe as of nature, they are him. But what is essential to us, it not not to try to know the authors of all this but rather the best it is to remember where from we come to know where we want to go there. The way that must borrow Comoros should not seems to us difficult to construct it but it is fair that we do not know what with us necessary and what they need to make our trip. Trip by which the commander aboard is not still available, but we really urge to accomplish it and it is for it that the ship still does not reach the destination. But is it just like that until when? That lures to make us to take out there? The problem which falls to us as African, it is that we search too many details, and that’s right which postpones us, that’s right which makes that each time they want to advance, they remember something an past which cuts us the hopes of succeeding. My dear friends, let us not cry for the past because it ran away for ever and let us not think too much in of intended because he still does not exist but let us live in the gift, try to be of benefit what they need, to advance towards our target because it is the only means to arrive there urgent.

You know it very as me that our country is a country in Muslim 99 % not to fool me to say 100 % but many people exploit religion to blind the others as it is say: religion is an OPIUM which puts to sleep mind, we are allowed to take by our desires but we do not see the reality of things since even our big holy book which is ” THE KORAN ” read us all the way of any truth. On it, we need three (3) things to be able to definitely prepare trip for knowing:

1 °): a knowledge of any domain because as shows it the history of our religion « knowledge or knowledge » was the first mission revealed to our CLAIRVOYANT MOHEMMAD by the first Koranic verse significant ” IQRA’ U ” “READ”, a mission which was entrusted to him but by specifying it not of what he would owe read but hardly with the name of our lord with us creates. This shows that all that we learn, have to emanate from him, and it is by this verse that I sometimes said that many people deceive the others their making there only to learn religion but also by ignoring life. Our dear country has all potentials that one needs that is to say competent men with knowledge sufficient for success of a good future for our country but it is their attribution for the tasks which it is needed which lack it

2 °): Of patience and morals. if we want to throw an eye on the anthropology of the Africain man more precisely ” the Comoran “, it is somebody that for him patience is only time to be lost, and this too much hurts to express itself so but it is as a foundation of data which is already planted in our minds view that plans that the leaders offered us and who did not see their days, and this already gives a dark picture to the Comoran. the moral which the Comoran must have must draw inspiration from the morals of our copy the clairvoyant who GOD said to him: « call to people to come in you but with knowledge and of words of God ». If we try to see a bit the leaders whom we elect every day is only lying to us, but we forget or we ignore that our lies catch us one day; there has never been a leader with pragmatic, true ideas but still with ideas fraudulent because they already have habit to see even innate to some; but that God we on the alert and preserves us from their hanky-panky.

3 °): a will. You should not content himself with hoping that something arrives the only but it is necessary to give courage to make with as the Comoran saying said it “TSANGA NGUE WUTSANGUIWA” which means « helps you before being helped ». As they underlined it before, our country has all but they do not give will to act.

My dear friends, it is time to raise sails by trying to change commander of edge or strategies if we want to arrive there. We are the leader of our team which is the life of everything in each of us but without forgetting that of our country. We of a thing remind, it is that: if we do not change our lives, our lives will not change us either. Let us search the stream which will bring us to destination because they supported enough, they endured enough. Everybody must try to understand his mission and to accomplish it which is the contribution for the building of the boat which we shall borrow to make trip because in life, there does not have an unimportant person of it but has a valueless person there; the Comoran said: ARI SARUMAYA KADJAPARO LATSA BWE? HAWUKA LETITI NDELIKO WUSILILIYA KU. I did not come for this article to make you lesson so that we owe or you owe you include a please of recall within our country, but just because as Muslim, they owe this. The success of Africa waits only us as for the success of our country and from our villages wait only we, therefore did not disappoint those who count for us, did not cut their hopes but make sure that they will see of what they dream come true one day. Together in the building of the boat.

Thank you Ali Abdallah BOINA